Mini Quiches with a Parmesan Crust

So, once again we’re presented with an opportunity to take some thing that is regularly sized and (with the help of my shrink-ray) make it tiny, bite-sized, and most importantly: DELICIOUS. My husband and I are currently trying to work gluten/wheat out of our diets, so when it comes to the many things that have … Continue reading

Takin’ Tacos to a Whole New Level

So I haven’t posted in a while which is sad, but NO MORE. Just in case you wanted to know, I LOVE miniature things. The smaller, the better. I also really love food. So combine the two together, and you’ve got a really happy me. So, I made something similar to this when I was … Continue reading

In the trenches.

We are in a full scale war. The battle wages on every single day for one thing: you. Every person in this world is participating in a war that has been going on since Eve took a bite from the fruit of the tree. You will always and forever be a part of this full … Continue reading

Fun Friday!!!

So today’s Fun Friday adventure is somewhat of a good lesson for everyone to learn. If you’re grabbing for the chip bag and eating the whole thing, this is a problem because you’re ignoring the lovely little serving suggestion on the back of the bag, diving in to some crunchy goodness and you are filled … Continue reading

Thirsty business.

So today I’m feeling a touch under the weather, so instead of helping you with fitness tips, I’m gonna start out this Tuesday by giving you some very important information about something you’re probably missing out on. It super simple to remember to do, yet the majority of us barely get the amount we need … Continue reading

Sweet & Spicy Cravings

Here fishy fishy! So I like fish. Except, I don’t want it to taste like fish… Well, I don’t want it to taste like the environment that it came from. My simple, super solution?! Use a fish that will adapt to any flavor that you’re craving at the moment. This nights longing was for a … Continue reading

Enter Title Here.

So this whole thing is new to me. I used to think that a blog is something that a teen used to whine on the Internet about their parents. I guess that is what Facebook is for now… Moving on. Once I realized that I can actually use a blog to display useful information, such … Continue reading